Fees and Practice Details

Registration fees:  $50.00 per child to be a member - one time cost/year. Collected the first month of membership and 1 time a year there after. Comes with a Jaguars Tri Youth Club dry-fit shirt.

Monthly Membership dues:  
$100 per month - all inclusive, all workout sessions per week (including clinics)
$60 per month - 2 workout sessions per week (running club)

Drop In Fees:   
$15 Drop In Fee Mon thru Fri

Checks are made to Jaguars Tri Youth Club, LLC. The $100.00 fee includes all practices Monday-Friday. We also take Credit Cards.

Family Discounts:
$5.00 off for each additional sibling 

Our Practices (April): 

Mondays - 4:45pm: Cycling - On Your Mark- 45 minute CompuTraining Classes with Coach Julie or Kris at On Your Mark Performance. Bring your own bike.
These classes offer a quality bike training session specific to each youth. The athletes will learn how to use their gears properly and safely use their own bike. Call to confirm the day of. 
Tuesdays - 5:30 pm  - Running/Track -  with Coach Brian (Ocean Cay, Marcinski Rd.) 
After - Practice cycling skills at Ocean Cay Park (for those interested in Triathlons)
                                                                                     Wednesdays - TBA. Open for Transition clinics 
                                                                                     Thursdays- 5:00 pm - Track at The Weiss School with Coach Shelley or Sarah
                                                                                     Fridays- 5:00 pm - Swim - North County Aquatic Complex with Coach Crystal